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Credit Processes, Project Finance, User Portals, Web and E-commerce

Key features

  • Structured Automation
  • Cash-flow Evaluation
  • KYC & AML Checks
  • Risk-based Pricing
  • Document Creation
  • Digital Signing
  • Archiving
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Analytics & Reporting

Credit Process

We provide flexible solutions for end-to-end automation of credit processes and back-office workflows with the end-customer in mind.
By applying our process you are not bound by the limitations found in your core banking solution, and you can apply your market insight freely to improve your margins.
We rely on industry standard APIs and services to meet regulatory requirements. Business critical functionalities, such as risk and pricing models, will be highly customized to meet your needs.

Key features

  • Shareholders
  • Loans
  • Investor Portal
  • Pro-rata, IRR,
  • Pawned share
  • Compliance tests
  • Orders, Transactions
  • Fatca, CSR, KYC, AML

Project Finance

A compliance-optimized CRM combined with a Project Finance registry, able to combine all your client data with their current and previous investments. It handles everything from client reminders, shareholder register and pro-rata constellations to loan obligations.
A niche market requires niche solutions. If you manage investments or financial products that are not publicly traded, this solution is for you.
15 years of experience in the financial sector – "You're the first IT supplier ever that understands what we are doing", according to one of our clients

Key features

  • Multiple login options
  • Multi level authentication
  • Secure third party integration
  • Mobile friendly login
  • Document signing
  • Transaction signing
  • Client onboarding
  • BankID

User Portals

Portals that allow your client to access privileged and targeted information. Low barrier login using universal digital identities (BankID) or fingerprint on phones.
Provide a hassle free, targeted and secure communication channel to your customer and reduce client requests through phone or email
The Construo platform has been used for several financial portals, ranging from monitoring tools for clients to fully fledged responsive e-banking solutions. By providing a secure application layer between multiple data sources and the client, privileged information is structured for whatever platform the client may use.

Key features

  • KYC & AML Checks
  • Document handling
  • Digital signing
  • Analytics & reporting

KYC & due diligence

Stay compliant in the face of stricter frameworks and reporting standards in the financial sector. Whether you're dealing with MiFID II or GDPR, we help you deliver convenient, simple and automated digital customer on-boarding and life-cycle management.
To stay compliant, financial service providers (FSP) need to capture and manage an ever-increasing number of customer data points. Clients, on the other hand, demand convenient and fast online services. Combined, these two represent key success factors for converting online leads.
Laboremus provides flexible solutions for back-office workflows with the end-user in mind. Our KYC solution allows aggregation and synchronization of customer data across systems.

Key features

  • EPiServer CMS
  • EPiFind
  • SEO manager
  • Construo webshop

Web and E-commerce

Recreate and reinvent your business processes and present them online. We provide design and implementation of websites in EPiServer CMS.
Unless you make your services available online, you will not be able to keep up with your competitors. Users want a seamless transition from real life to a digital purchasing experience.
With our years of experience, we will use the right technology for your needs and the right methodology for your project.